Grandma’s Daycare and Preschool integrated language-based preschool classrooms, serving infants, toddlers and Preschoolers. An integrated preschool includes typically developing children as well as children with disabilities.

These classrooms offer children the opportunity to work and play with age-appropriate peers as well as children with developmental challenges. 

Flexible, but consistent, structure and routine are offered, including activities designed to promote language/listening skills, gross and fine motor development, and opportunities for imaginative/dramatic play.

Music, sensory activities, and a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials and activities are employed, all of which support a strong foundation for learning.



Daily activities include a variety of active and quiet individual and group projects. A typical day may consist of the following: morning meeting, free play, art projects, cooking, creative expression, sand and water play, blocks, books, games, puzzles, science exploration and computers.

The teachers, therapists, teaching assistants, and specialists work seamlessly in each class providing enriching activities while encouraging skill development in all areas of Early Childhood Education; cognition, fine/gross motor, social/emotional, play, language, and self-help. 

We have designed unique programs for each age group, starting from 18 months all the way up to 5 years old. Our curriculum emphasizes engaging, hands-on activities.


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