Early Education is the difference of building a foundation on sand versus building it on a rock
​Toddler Class-13 months to 24 months


Our program provides consistency, stability, and predictability, while enabling new experiences and opportunities for learning. 

Your baby is not a baby anymore. After they have reached 13 months, they are in need of a more structured classroom-style daycare atmosphere, which is exactly what we provide in our Toddlers & Twos child care.

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​2-Year Old Early Preschooler Class

We often hear about the "terrible twos", Maybe two-year-old's got that reputation because they get around very fast and insist on doing things their own way. They get upset easily and do not want to change their minds once they start to do something. Our program focus on developing socialization skills, it is designed to meet the developmental and academic needs of this age group.

We provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for every child. 

The program includes group time, story time, outdoor play, meals and snacks , naps, and most especially, lots of playtime.

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3-4 years Preschool Class

Children aged 3-4 are quickly developing and learning. They a positive environment in which to grow. By providing the right tools and giving them a structured classroom-style daycare environment that is still safe and nurturing, we help your children grow in self-confidence. When the time comes, they feel prepared for kindergarten class.

4-5 Pre-K Class

Pre-K classes focus on both social and academic skills. Children learn phonics and letter recognition, counting, number recognition, science, social studies, music, writing, and art. Skills are refined in an atmosphere of combined center activities and teacher-directed activities. Games in the Movement Room combine with playground time to strengthen large motor skills. Getting kids prepared for Kindergarten is our goal!

        Spanish Immersion Program

Abriendo Mundos, Opening Worlds

Our program aims to help children achieve bilingualism and biliteracy through dual language immersion. At Grandma's Daycare and Preschool Spanish Immersion we focus on creating an environment conducive to learning by meeting the needs of your child academically, socially and emotionally.  

At our school Spanish speaking children are supported in maintaining their native language and cultural traditions, while English speaking children develop a strong foundation for a second language and exposure to a variety of cultural traditions.